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Today My Facebook Account Got Permanently Banned

I’m now going to have to blog more to market my online side hustles

Don Sabado
2 min readJan 18


Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

I made one decision that had me banned from Facebook forever. My friends on Facebook didn’t see my profile when they searched for me; I also gave them my URL, but there was nothing. At this time, I closed the account and opened a new one on a friend’s advice. I never thought I was breaking FB rules by joining as many groups as possible to interact with people in the groups — TPT, Writers and Readers, and Substack groups.

I had one friend on the site because I had just opened it. I intended to search for more friends because I wanted FB to think I used my profile for something other than business purposes. I had no intention of creating a FB page, so I continued collaborating on FB groups, commenting, and liking every post I read. I did that for the majority of the night. I received a suspension notice for my account. I replied with the information they requested.

However, the next day, January 17, 2023, I accepted that FB permanently banned my account. There was no appeal process. I lost my FB account forever. That means I can’t market my side hustles on FB.

Final Thought

Don’t get too comfortable with online platforms; you could lose your account at any time also. I’ll have to write more blogs and use Twitter and Instagram to market my online side hustles.

If anyone knows of other social media to help me market my online side hustles, please comment in the comment section. Thank you!



Don Sabado

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