Redefining My Expectations and Celebrating Small Success Have Helped Me Stay Focused

Building Multiple Online Revenue Streams

Don Sabado
3 min readApr 25, 2022


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What is your expectation about writing, exercising, eating healthy, or any activity you do? Defining what you want out of something will help you continue toward your end goal. I used to run three times a week for 3 miles (or about 5 km) for each run.

Father time has caught up with me. I now run a 5 km run a week and walk the other two times a week. If I do this consistently, I feel successful in my exercise routine.

Success in Writing

I’m still taking baby steps. Writing every day is successful and publishing at least six times a week on Medium is a success. My goal is to earn $100 a month by the end of the year. I need to write every day and publish at least six days a week on Medium. For this season of writing, writing is attainable.

But, I choose to put less time into my other online business — Marketing my Amazon Workbooks and TpT Storefront. The result of which is still surprising. I did next to nothing with my other online business and still making income every month.

I decided in November 2021 that Medium and other writing platforms provide me with a better long-term revenue than my Amazon workbook or TpT Storefront. I guess I’m betting on my renewed passion for writing than what I find comfortable doing, mathematics.


Define what is success in writing for a specific season and redefine it as you see fit. I have decided to work on my writing for the next year or two and see where it leads. But, I haven’t forgotten about my other revenue streams because it still making money.

I recently received a Google notification that said I reached 100 clicks from Google Search. When I started the math blog, I received some views, but receiving a notification about getting 100 clicks from Google Search was the farthest of my thoughts.

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Final Thoughts



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