Be Aware of Phishing Scams

I received one today

Don Sabado
2 min readSep 20


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I received an email at work from someone pretending to be my principal. I answered it without even checking the email address. It was a Gmail account anyone could make, and the person sent the email to me.

I answered it with my phone number, but once I hit send, I knew something was wrong. Minutes later, I got a text from someone pretending to be my principal.

There were two things the person on the other end didn’t know. I have the principal’s number, and if my principal wants to talk, I’m in my classroom. The principal visits my room if she needs to talk.

Also, emails sent regarding work are sent via work email only. I inadvertently gave my number to the scammer, but immediately blocked the number.

I reported the phishing scam to the school district, so they blocked that email address from getting through.

The email went something like this,

Aloha Don,

Can I have a conversation with you?

Can I have your call number?

I’ve had many phishing emails before but always managed to delete them. I made a mistake on this one, but there won’t be a next time.

Key message:

Be careful of phishing scams on your work and home email. Some people have nothing better to do than try to scam people.



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