I Was a Real Estate Agent 20 Years Ago

I plan to be a real estate agent again

Don Sabado
2 min readSep 20

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I didn’t have the skills or tools I have now, but I’m hoping I’ll succeed my second time around.

I liked the idea of being an independent contractor as a second job when I first started teaching. Also, I have the mindset to make it this time around.

I was at the right time and place when I purchased my condo. It was a perfect location because it was within walking distance of the shopping center, grocery store, fast food restaurant, and many eateries.

I found my condo at the lowest price. The owner was moving out of state and had to sell it by the end of the month. I took a chance at the apartment because many buyers wanted the place. I was in my 4th year of teaching. The owners had to decide who to sell it to.

It came down to me and someone else. I told my realtor to tell them I was a high school teacher. It worked. The seller chose me. After twenty years of condo ownership, the value of my property increased to over 220%. And it’s still climbing.

I was studying for a real estate license at the time. When I finally received my license, my first meeting was with a friend. I sat in a mortgage broker meeting because my friend bought a property for himself.

I soon realized the details of how banks determine the monthly mortgage. My friend went to the meeting prepared. He brought all his monthly receipts and the cost of living for food items.

I’ll never forget the mortgage broker telling my friend they don’t need the cost of food items.

The person told him, “We don’t care if you eat.”

I had my real estate license for six months, but since my monthly pay from teaching was small, I couldn’t afford the renewal license fee. So, I let my license expire. I told myself I would return to being a real estate agent someday.

It’s been twenty years since I was a real estate agent working alongside my full-time teaching job.

Here is what teaching and writing taught me to give real estate a try again.

  1. It’s all a matter of mindset.
  2. Social media and the internet play a critical role in marketing. The internet back then is not what it is today.

Final Thoughts

My work experience helped me have the mindset I need to succeed. I have another chance to be a real estate agent again.

I didn’t have the financial stability when I first started teaching. Today, I’m on a more solid ground financially.

Key message:

Work and life experiences are pretty good teachers. Nothing beats work experience.

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