Homemade Recipes Are The Best

Because you decide if you like the outcome

Don Sabado
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Here is a food dish I make often. It’s cheap and easy to make. Also, it’s tasty. I like to cook this meal after I get home from work as a teacher.


  • Ground beef hamburger
  • 1 – Sliced tomatoes
  • 1/2 cup chopped round onions
  • Salt to taste
  • Pepper to taste
  • 2 tbsp minced Garlic
  • Use Soy Sauce to your taste
  • 1 package S & S Saimin noodles or any noodles
  • Butter or frying oil


The first thing I do is cook the ground beef hamburger in a pan and stir until cooked. While cooking, I cut the tomatoes in small diced pieces and put it in the frying pan.

I continue to cook under medium heat until the grease appears to simmer throughout the pan. I add the onions, salt, minced garlic, and a Tbsp of soy sauce and stir the ground beef hamburger until grease simmers at the top.

While the hamburger and all the ingredients cook, I dice the onions and put them into the pan under medium or low heat, depending on if the butter, tomatoes, and ground beef cook are cooked just right.

After all the grease has surfaced, I add half a cup of water and put the Saimin noodles into the pan. I leave it on the stove for a few more minutes. I stir and mix the noodles well with everything in the pan.

I like to place noodle dishes in a bowl; for this food, I use a small bowl. I like the idea I have seconds and thirds of servings even though it’s one serving if I put it on a plate.

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